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Based in Lexington, SC, TagTeam Entertainment, LLC is a complete DJ & Karaoke service. Everything from a small backyard birthday to a massive weekend dance event, we cover it all.


TagTeam DJ's Leeboy and Double D utilize the latest in technology for sound, lights, and effects.













With over 30 years of combined music libraries and over 100,000 Karaoke tracks, there isn't anything these DJ's can't—or won't—play.

Tag Team Style

Double D:

Double D brings it down to the ground floor! He can make the hipsters pop and the old schoolers break. From his Ol' Skool sounds to todays Top Pop, DJ Double D wants to make you dance now!


Leeboy presents Miami style music. Who wants to hear the same music at every "club" or party they go to? No one. People crave new! Excitement! Fun! Hear dance music you know with more upbeat flare! DJ Leeboy plays music that makes you dance like you in the big city! Music hits in progressive, dance, house, and latin sound.

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